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Canadian Jacques Maritain Association / L’association canadienne Jacques Maritain

Spring Conference /Colloque de printemps


May 29-30, 2023/ 29-30 mai 2023


York University / Université York, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

in association with / en association avec


the Congress for the Humanities and Social Sciences / le Congrès des sciences humaines et sociales

the Canadian Philosophical Association / l'Association canadienne de philosophie

Theme: Maritain Today – After 50 Years


Monday, May 29


8.30: Scott Ventureyra: The Relationship Between Jacques Maritain and Saul Alinsky: A Faustian Bargain or Something Spiritually Fruitful?

9.30: Walter Schultz: The Person is the Common Good:  A Christian Democratic Challenge to Christian Nationalism

10.30: Elizabeth Trott: Can There be Historical Truth?


Tuesday, May 30


8.30: William Sweet: Reading Jacques Maritain, 50 years after his death

9.30: Richard Feist: Jacques Maritain:  Natural Law and Just War Ethics

10:30: Jason West: The Problem of History: Resources from Maritain

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