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Canadian Jacques Maritain Association-l'association canadienne Jacques Maritain



Date of founding: 1979


Purpose: The study of major authors and themes in philosophy, particularly those found in the work of Jacques Maritain.


Activities: We meet twice annually. Our spring symposium is on a general theme in philosophy, organized in association with the Congress of the Humanities and the Social Sciences . In the fall, the meeting is devoted to an aspect of Maritain's work. Conferences and symposia take place in French and English.

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"natural law is an ideal order relating to human actions"

"it is by truth that [the mind] is set free"

"Thomism is actualize the progress of philosophy"

"beauty... is radiant with intelligence"


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President of the Canadian Jacques Maritain Association, Professor Nikolaj Zunic, Department of Philosophy, St. Jerome’s University, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada at

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